The post-folk songwriting project of Toronto-raised, Vancouver based producer Sasha Balazic. Rounded out with a rotating cast of collaborators, contributors and friends; Featuring Sam Stevens, Luke Reynolds, Sarah Morris, Brian Joon Miller and Kate Cunningham - Tractor Beam is an ever changing ode to the Y2K indie revival, 60’s songwriting and DIY ethos.

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Tractor Beam have arrived. Through 13 tracks and 16 different contributors Tractor Beam’s debut LP arriving June 16th Via Kingfisher Bluez offers an eloquent mix of freak folk and 2000’s indie rock. From soaring cello to oscillating synths and spoken word passages, the project is tied together by the songs of Vancouver based producer and writer Sasha Balazic. Pulling from demos as far back as 2018 and as recent as October 2022 the project is an honest exploration of nostalgia, coming of age and the musical influences that made Tractor Beam.